Mental States, documentary 76 & 52 min.

MENTAL STATES reveals the troubling reality of the criminalization of mental illness in North America. This is the story of  a young New York-based musician living with bipolar disorder who suffers a psychotic episode leading him and his family down a very dark tunnel facing the justice system. Captured with a sensitive and poetic lens this film highlights the fight mentally ill people face when fear and stigma takes over the perception of the very people who should be protecting them. Prominent figures such as Mark Vonnegut, M.D., author and son of famous Kurt Vonnegut,(Slaughter House Five) and Mary Beth Pfeiffer author and NY Times journalist offer contrasting yet hopeful perspective on mental illness.


Myheadspace.TV is an interactive Pano VR Video based portal to be released in 2021produced by ID Digital Media, which uses a museum style frameworks to dive deep into the challenges of mental illness at the personal and social levels as well as the scientific and sociological levels. Myheadspace.TV is a companion platform to the documentary Mental States, offering an online outreach tool for communities, broadcasters and organizations dealing with mental health issues.

My Headspace

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